Philippines Film Day at Asian World Film Festival

FilAm Creative Talent Network had a field day with a sold out Philippines Film Day event at the Asian World Film Festival held at ArcLight Cinema in Culver City.


FilAm Chamber of Commerce Hollywood held its first membership drive dinner at Barkada a fusion FilAm restaurant in the heart of Hollywood, California. The successful event was made possible with the tireless perseverance and leadership of it’s founding President Craig Obligacion Wilson and Edwin Santos.

Gracing the event were FilAm celebrities in the film industry hosted by double Emmy Award winner Jackie Fern.

Erick Esteban brought the house down with his stand up comedy performance and his joke was even subdued due to the presence of a minor 11 year old ventriloquist Shane Selloria in attendance who was also there to perform. The kid is definitely a pro showing he can perform with the grown ups.

The crowd in attendance was inspired, invigorated, and loved the narratives of how the underdogs like Reggie Lee were able to succeed in an industry that makes it difficult for minorities to excel or even get noticed.

2 time Emmy Award winner Marc Anthony Nicolas’ humble beginnings was truly inspirational who after so many rejections has finally landed his dream job working with Tyra Banks but has to leave to care for his dying mother. When her mother passed it took him 3 months to recover from his grief and here he is back in the industry creating more waves.

All photos by ReAl Images/Ren Arrieta

Highlights From The 4th Annual FilAm Creative Halo Halo Headshots

My 2nd time to get involved as one of the photographers with FAC Halo Halo Headshot.

FilAm Creative


This past Saturday, March 24 was our 4th annual Halo Halo Headshots, a program founded by Walter Talens for FilAm Creative as a fundraising networking event for photographers and actors, helping new actors and young professionals get affordable headshots, to help promote actors into audition rooms with the goal of helping increase diversity in entertainment.  Our associate producers this year were Maurus Dumalaog, Angel Qinan and Cecilia Lim.

Our guest photographers this year were:

Albert Gago

DYOLH6qVQAAU8bkKenneth Chan

29133262_1911271232279437_1820595238913299165_nRandi Lamey

DX9sbELU0AAx-OpDZHAW-bVAAENCu4Great photo shoot today with photographer Randi Lamay for the FilAm Creative Halo Halo Headshots.  I’m working Production Sound on her film shoot tomorrow coincidentally. Today was awesome! Thanks everyone for the good vibes! ~ Dale Chung, actor

Somlit Inthalangsy

DYW0nviV4AAS16QRen Arrieta


Ren Arrieta gave instructions to his photo subject (off screen), during his photo shoot.

29060702_1929138807159346_2072988799345601454_o[Saturday’s] fitness photo shoot with my photographer Ren Arrieta, hosted by FilAm Creative Halo-Halo Headshots.

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FilAm Creative To Host 2018 Halo Halo Headshots; Saturday, March 24

On to #PinoyWood one headshot at a time!

FilAm Creative


Are you an Actor or in the field of entertainment? A professional that needs a quality portrait? Are you a person who wants a great looking Facebook/eDating profile photo?

We can help with that.

FilAm Creative (FAC) is launching our 4th Annual “Halo-Halo Headshots” event this month. The event is designed to help actors/filmmakers get professional quality headshots for auditions and websites. FAC is committed to helping our members advance in the entertainment industry and created this event to give rising talent (and members) a low-cost opportunity to start their career. The event is planned and operated by volunteers who believe in promoting diversity in the entertainment industry. We are asking for a small donation/registration fee to help pay for the operational cost and assist FAC with future events.

NOTE: This event will be 1st come, 1st served… To register you can use these options:
1) private message Event Organizer…

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